14 sie 2010


Dwa doskonałe podcasty z wybornej serii Resident Advisora. Jak mogłem to przegapić, faaaaak.

Still Going Resident Advisor Podcast 172 : 09-14-2009 by christianism 

1. Romanthony "Testify (Soul Vamp)" (Black Male)
2. Rudoulpho "Touch Me" (Atlantic)
3. Paperclip People "Slam Dance" (Planet E)
4. Kuba Sojka "Voice Of Soul" (Matrix)
5. Joe Claussell "Je Ka Jo (Crazy Vocal Mix)" (Ibadan)
6. Francois K "Edge Of Time (Tees's Freeze Mix) (Wave)
7. JohNick "Play The World" (Henry Street)
8. The Soundman "The Factory (Klubb Kidz Flava Dub)" (Sex Mania)
9. U.B.P. Presents Jay Williams - "Testify (Mousse T's Test-A-Dub)" (Diffusion)
10. House Of House "Rushing To Paradise (Tapesh Remix)" (White Label)
11. Heaven & Earth "Space And Time" (Running Back)
12. Peter Van Hoesen "Face Of Smoke" (Komisch)
13. DB-X "Bleep" (Accelerate)
14. Emptyset "Seclusion" (Future Days)
15. The Martinez Brothers "Wont Somebody" (Objecktivity)
16. Peverelist "Clunk Click Every Trip" (Punch Drunk)
17. Mariah Carey "Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) (Fly Away Club Mix)"
18. STL "Loop" (Something Records)

Still Going - Spaghetti Circus - DFA Records
Dr Dunks - Keep It Cheap 
Cobblestone Jazz - Traffic Jam - Wagon Repair 
Gui Boratto - No Turning Back (The Mole's MMD MIx) - Kompakt 
Ben Klock - OK (Kenny Larkin Mix) - Ostgut Ton 
6th Borough Project - Just a Memory - Instruments Of Rapture
Tee Alford - Ready To...? - Area Code 
Amplified Orchestra - Moon Voyage - Amplified 
Canyons - Fire Eyes - DFA Records 
Junkie XL - Cosmic Rave - Cosmic Rave 
Social Disco Club - I'm Good For You 
Junkie XL - Dream On - Cosmic Rave

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