16 cze 2010


Miłe memu uchu dźwięki z zakresu zajawki disco/edits. Słucha się wybornie, zapewniam. Mix promuje kompilację "Horse Meat Disco II" pełną parkietowych petard prosto od londyńskiego kolektywu HMD.

The renowned mix compilation series from Horse Meat Disco continues with 'Horse Meat Disco II' on Strut Records released June 22nd ahead of a long, hot year of disco mania. The release happens in various formats with the main being an eleven track mix compilation (including download code for high quality unmixed tracks) of hard to find, underground Horse Meat Disco dancefloor bombs. Look out for the special edition HMV store-only release featuring a double cd (mixed & unmixed) with added download codes for extra unmixed tracks. Whilst being available on download through i-tunes, djs and vinyl enthusiasts can also get the highly-collectible vinyl package as as a double lp (unmixed) also featuring download codes. The Horse Meat Disco boys will be out on an extensive world tour across clubs and festivals in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world in full disco glory to support the release

  Horse Meat Disco - Volume 2 - Mini Promo Mix by warmhq

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