5 cze 2010


Ładna pogoda więc ładna muzyka się nada. Oto mix autorstwa Riccio, specjalisty od disco, editów i twórca serii Super Value. Źródło to 100% winyl, co zresztą słychać podczas odsłuchów. Po prostu fajowa muzyka z kręgu boogie a jeśli komuś to nic nie mówi to poniżej wyjaśnienie samego autora:

...a lot of people are talking about Boogie and a lot of productions are signed as Boogie and bla bla...so i decided to make a personal reflection about this genre and study a bit about it. I tryed to discover some rules, that now i use everytime i have on my hands a 12" mix or album from 1980 to 1985...yes...i decided that the period i want to define is around these 5 years. I think there are diffent reasons: historical, social and musical...
First of all in the late Seventies the phenomenon Disco was depleted, also the population who attended the clubs like that started to differentiate into tastes and needs, furthermore, technologies were developing very fast, and last but not least the economic position of the middle class, who loved the end of the Seventies Disco, is growing in age and economic means. There was need a sound that accompany them in this new phase of their lives.
In this historical context musicians, producers and the entire production chain began to internalize within themselves the arrangements and the basic elements of Disco, which in almost five years earlier had explored all possible developments, and it begins to define a new genre from ashes of Disco.
In some cases, this new sound may seem cold, and often it is (if you completely replace the human element in favor of machines), but in this selection that I did, not think so.
My opinion is that Boogie is all that is: - a typical arrangement beginning with disco rhythm - an electric / synthetic bass - a drum machine that plays with a drummer / percussionist (the rhythm is much more "orderly" since the early years) - A couple of bridges, not always effective (i have often cut-off them) - experiments with keyboards, which are increasingly taking on roles (such as strings, brass etc. ... often duets with real instruments) - rhythm guitar and, of course, a singer, at least.
This is just my personal and fast reflection that I wanted to share with you, and I tried to make it real in this mix of 1 hour, choosing 10 tracks that represent what I have said before ... I apologize for grammatical errors, but the desire to express a thought, and share it, exceeds the rules of written English ;-)

all tracks mixed, re-edited, re-freshed, re-worked and deeply loved by Riccio

  This Is A Boogie Thing by RICCIO

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