13 maj 2009


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so do you think there's not as many opportunities like that for you now?

i've done stuff with three 6 mafia and shakira, so if those opportunities keep presenting themselves, then i'm going to continue to do what i do on those tracks. if i don't get the opportunity to make a full pop album, maybe one of our mad decent artists like rusko, boy 8-bit or popo would be more willing to experiment and i would have complete creative freedom like that. when i first started working with maya she was on some sh*tty uk label. now i get hit up by little teeny-bopper girls on major labels saying that they want to sound like m.i.a. but m.i.a's album wasn't formulaic, it just happened. and the majors have no idea how it turned into such a success, they just want to capitalize on it now.

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Major Lazer - Hold The Line (Edu K remix)

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