25 lip 2009


Zapowiada się ultraciekawie. Tylko czekać na efekty:

Distinctive ‘80s baritone Michael McDonald has teamed up with electrifying disco act Holy Ghost! in what might be the oddest collaboration of 2009.

As Holy Ghost explain: “We had this song, but Alex wrote the hook out of his range. So we brought the demo over to [DFA label boss] James [Murphy], and he said, “Why not Michael McDonald?”

”We happened to know this girl whose father was the bass player in Kenny Loggins’ band. So Alex called her and was like, ‘I know this is a long shot, but is there any way you can ask your dad to ask Michael McDonald to do our vocals?’ She was like, ‘My dad’s having dinner with him tomorrow -- give me the song and I’ll see what I can do.’ She gave him the song and he did it.”

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