10 wrz 2009

MIX: DJ AYRES - D.O.J. - When Jay-Z Was Good

DJ Ayres należy do kręgu moich ulubionych dj'ów. Właśnie nagrał mix dokumentujący to, co najlepsze w twórczości Hovy-rapera-niby-na-emeryturze.

Not included: #1 singles you've heard a million times, lazy one-take flows, lyrics about inventing the button-down shirt, songs dissing rappers who would later be signed to Jay-Z's label, and songs produced by Eminem.



Hova Song / Intro
Where I'm From
PSA (Just Blaze Remix)
Crew Love (ft. Memphis Bleek & Beanie Sigel)
Squeeze First
Lyrical Exercise
Watch Me
Snoopy Track
Parking Lot Pimpin' (ft. Beanie Sigel)
It's Like That
Coming of Age (ft. Memphis Bleek)
Coming of Age (Da Sequel ft. Memphis Bleek)
A Week Ago (ft. Too $hort)
Calling My Name
Laser in Your Ear
22 Two's
44 Four's (live)
Blunts and Army
Rap Game Crack Game
South Philly Niggaz
I Am Hov
Reservoir Dogs (ft. The Lox, Beanie Sigel, Sauce money,
People's Court
Can I Live
U Don't Know (remix ft. M.O.P.)
Early This Morning
1-900-Hustler (ft. Beanie Sigel, Freeway & Memphis Bleek)
Young Black and Gifted
The Streets (ft. R-Kelly)
This Can't Be Life (ft. Beanie Sigel)
Soon You'll Understand
In My Lifetime (Big Jaz radio remix)

2 komentarze:

jsn pisze...

na wszystko powinien nałożyć autotune'a :) fajny mix!

Bisti pisze...

dj ayres never fails. swoja droga ciekawe jaka bedzie nowa plyta Hovy?