21 paź 2009


Jeśli podobały wam się mixy DJ'a Shadowa z zapomnianym oldskulowym rapem z 80's to na pewno podejdzie wam mix DJ'a Anonymousa z Finlandii (związanego z kolektywem Top Billin). Same rarytasy.
PS. Czytajcie blog autora mixu - jest kozacki i każdy (dosłownie) znajdzie jakąś perełkę dla siebie.

Now I was planning to post an ancient mix I did back in 1996, but couldn't get the tape ripped yet so I decided to post my late 80's rap mix from 2006 instead. The CD's are gone anyway. The mix has some 25 tracks on it including a few turntable remixes I did myself. Some of the songs are common, some rare, all were chosen because I felt they deserved wider recognition. Enjoy...

Sirocalot: Sirocalot
J.V.C. Force: Stylin' Lyrics
D.J. Ace & Daquan: Hard To The Core
Strictly Bizness: Call It What You Want
The Heartbeat Brothers: Time 2 Get Paid (Anonymous Remix)
Antoinette: I Got An Attitude (Anonymous Remix)
Too Fresh: Hitten' Harder
Priority One: I Can't Go For That
Lightnin Lee & Poppy P: Big Time Chillin
D.J. Scratch & G-O-D: The Party Is Jumpin
Kings Of Swing: Stop Jockin' James
Dr. Luv & Kev-Ski: Overdose
Aaron Dee & C-Nice: Disassemble The Beat
D. Moet & X-Calibur: Dance To The Excalibur
M.C. Sugar Ray & Stranger D: If It Ain't Rough It Ain't Right
T.D.S. Mob: Dope For The Folks
Live N' Effect Posse: We Got A Message In Our Music
J.V.C. Force: A Force Thing
D.J. Miz & M.C. Ludicrous: Trouble
Take 6: Spread Love (Anonymous Remix)
Bid Daddy Kane: Ain't No Half Steppin Marley Marl Remix  

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