22 sie 2008

Cool Kids - Delivery Man

Znany producent napojów - Mountain Dew założył internetowy label , który ma na celu wypuszczanie singli poszczególnych artystów w celu dotarcia do określonego targetu. Na pierwszy ogień poszli Cool Kids. I dobrze. oto , co chłopaki mają do powiedzenia na temat współpracy:

“We entered into the Green Label Sound program because we saw it as an opportunity to put a song out to the whole world with the backing of something that everyone grew up on,” said Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids. “Mountain Dew is not trying to push their product through music like everyone else; they just wanna support music. … And with us tying to set up our new record without a record company, Mountain Dew gives us an unexpected helping hand to get up those steps.”

Mikey Rocks of The Cool Kids added this. “Green Label Sound is giving artists like ourselves an opportunity to get to a different scale than we were previously on. The program gives us a further reach than we would’ve had on our own, but we still get to keep the same creative independence that we like to have.”

The Cool Kids - Delivery Man

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